Saxon Bridge & Alphin Brook Valley

Saxon Bridge & Alphin Brook Valley

DISTANCE: 1.6 miles (2.6 km)
PATHS: Parts of the footpaths are uneven and can be very muddy

DOGS: On a lead when walking along roads
PARKING: Available in the village

Walk Summary

A typical narrow tree-lined country road overlooking the valley on the north side of the A30. Picturesque Clarks Pond is at the bottom of the track, before the footpath rises to meet the road that goes through the A30 subway.


This walk starts from the Ide Community Shop.

Walk towards the War Memorial and turn right onto Old Ide Lane.  Take the ‘curly-wurly’ bridge over the A30.  The ‘Saxon Bridge’ is in front of you.

Walk past the Twisted Oak pub and turn right at the junction.  Keep the big oak tree to your left and continue along Balls Farm Road for about 3/4 mile.

Turn right down Crabb Lane where a narrow foot bridge will take you by Clarks Pond and over the Alphin Brook.

When the track meets the road you can either bear right and follow the, sometimes muddy, uneven footpath back to the Saxon Bridge and Ide or take the subway under the A30 and join the main C50 (Ide Village Road).

Carefully cross this, turn right and carry along the pavement back to Ide.

Points of interest

The existing ‘Saxon Bridge’ was actually built in 1692 on the site of a much older structure.  The road over the bridge was the original access to Ide from Exeter before the A30 was built in the 1970s.

A memorial stone was erected, (sadly since destroyed) commemorating the destruction of a beautiful valley by the new road.

Balls Farm specialises in growing many varieties of strawberries for a wide market.

Clarks Pond was a favourite fishing spot for generations of Ide youngsters.

Ben Ervine