College Lane & Scratch Face Lane

College Lane & Scratch Face Lane

DISTANCE: 1.6 miles (2.6 km)
PATHS: Part overgrown and uneven. In wet weather, waterproof footwear needed to cross water

DOGS: Not allowed in adjacent fields
PARKING: Available in the village

Walk Summary

Views are wonderful, east across Exeter and beyond, south towards Haldon forest and west over Perridge Estate and woodlands.


This walk starts from the Ide Community Shop.

Turn left and walk to the Huntsman Inn.  Take the footpath by the ford on the right of the Huntsman Inn.

Follow College Lane up the hill.  Towards the top, the original farm buildings on the left were demolished and replaced by a residence, New Barn.

Good views from either side of College Lane can be seen and it is often good to turn round and look down over Ide and beyond.

Near the top, stop at a gateway on your left to see over West Town Farm and Haldon Forest.  Turn right opposite this gateway and go down Scratch Face Lane (signed No Through Road for Vehicles), to the C50 (Ide Village Road), turning right for Ide.

Points of interest

Fore Street hides its past.  On the left side, the outline of the butchers shop sign can still be seen on the bricks below a window.  At the rear, there was the slaughter house and pigs were also raised.

Drakes Farm was a dairy farm with a separate pig unit.  Cows were led along Fore Street and through College brook for grazing in fields adjacent to College Lane.

On the other side of the road was Exeter Inn, the cottage is still called this.

Next to the first passageway a grocery shop called Cox’s. The present set-back windows mark the rear of shop’s display windows.

The bakery behind it delivered bread by horse and cart over a wide area.   At the end of the second passageway were stables. The site of the Great Hall and Poor House is next.

Ben Ervine